What If Your Best Friend 
Could Live Forever? 
What If Your Best Friend 
Could Live Forever? 

or Let me rephrase that...

What if in 30 minutes you could learn the 5 Secrets to your dog's longest & happiest life? 

(And become the best dog mom in the process?)

Does this sound familiar?
You look at your furbaby and think...
  • I want to be the best dog mom or dad.  What steps does my best friend need me to be taking? 
  • ​​There is so much random information on the internet.  How do I know what's worthwhile for my dog?
  • ​Are the food choices I make for my dog good? What about the treats we give? Are those ok?
Here's the Problem:
The time you have with your dog is limited.

You need the knowledge and confidence that you’re making the right health decisions BEFORE there’s a health issue with your dog. 
introducing The Top Rated Mini-Course...
The Longer Living Dog Mini-Course
5 Secret's to Your Dog's Longest and Happiest Life
(That most dog mom's are not doing!)

Think of it As Your Official Guide To Becoming The Best Dog Mom or Dad...
(Oh, and did we mention it was created by two practicing veterinarians and fellow dog moms?)

Here's how it all breaks down

Get our proven framework below!


Learn the LEAN Method for your Dog

Steps that can save you thousands at the vet over your dog's lifetime!


Detect Problems Earlier with this 5 Minute System

Our Step by Step system to pick up on Warning Signs Sooner than ever!


Get Clarity on Nutrition for Healthier Dogs

Learn 3 Key Factors that Matter For Your Pet’s Nutrition


Master Health Care (and Money Saving Tips)

Preventative care that matters and 3 Steps to Help Save Money at the Vet Handout!


Ditch Confusion On Your Dog's Exercise Needs

Key Exercise Recommendations


Next Steps

The Celebratory finish and our recommended next steps on your dog's journey.

You can get instant access to everything for only $89. 

Here's What People Are Saying!

Can you imagine?
Having a simple and effective blueprint that is designed by a veterinarian that would allow you to help prevent health problems before they even start?

As You Follow This Plan, 
You'll feel...
  • ​Peace of mind that you are doing everything in your power to set your furbaby up for healthy aging.
  • ​Clarity because you have a simple and effective blueprint that gives your dog maximum health and joy during their life
  • ​Confidence in making decisions with food, treats and health routines that work for your best friend
  • ​Relaxed as you now know what to watch for as your dog ages and when it’s time to seek professional help.
Did Someone Say Bonuses?!
In addition to the Longer Living Dog Mini-Course, we give you bonuses to teach you 3 quick and easy ways to improve your dog's health.
  • Bonus 1: Your Dog's Daily Veggie and Fruit Guide (Value $39)
A quick reference to the daily amounts of fruits and vegetables you can give your dog as treats based on their weight.
  • Bonus 2: Canine Wellness and Vaccine Log (Value $29)
A comprehensive checklist to help guide and chart your pet’s routine medical and health care.
  • Bonus 3: Weight Assessment Scorecard (Value $29)
A quick and easy tool if your dog needs to lose, gain or maintain it's weight.
Total Value in Bonuses: $97!
What Makes The Longer Living Dog Mini-Course Different?

Put simply, there’s nothing else like it. 

Brought to you by Senior Dog Revolution, The Longer Living Dog Mini-Course is the first program to provide a step by step actionable plan towards extending your dog's life... in just 30 minutes!

one low payment of
you Have questions... We have answers!
What age should my dog be to start this course?
This course is appropriate for both young and old adult dogs of all ages! (Ex: 1 year to 21 years of age)
How much time will this course take? What format is it in?
The Longer Living Dog Mini Course takes about 30 minutes to complete and is an online video course you can take at your own pace.
Are there actions I can take from this course?
Yes! There are immediate tangible actions including how to advocate for your dog at the vet, understanding the tools that we have at our disposal to help create the healthiest life for our dogs.  
How long will I have access to the course?
You will have access to this course forever!
How is this course so affordable?
We made the course short, sweet and to the point and priced it here because we want EVERY pet parent on the planet to take our blueprint and help their dog's live happily for longer!

Is this the same as the senior dog course?
No! We do have a specific course designed for senior dogs that is a deeper dive into senior dog care specifically.  If you're interested in that course, you'll have an opportunity to buy it here at checkout for a steal! We always recommend taking the Longer Living Dog Course first as it is a GREAT way to get the basics down for every age dog (including seniors) before launching into the next level senior dog course!

Still not sure?
This program is a perfect fit for you if……
You’re a dog mom who wants the absolute best for her furbabies. Their health, comfort, and happiness are as important to you as your own children’s.

You feel overwhelmed with all the contradicting online information (Is peanut butter really good for your dog or is it too high in fat?) and just want straightforward health advice from a vet about how to best care for Fido.

You have a full-grown dog who’s aging, or isn’t far off from his senior years. 

100% Money Back Guarantee
We're totally confident that this course is precisely what you need to set your dog up for a longer life and have more months or even years with your furry friend. 

However, we want you to have every opportunity to support your dog without the risk.

That's why we're giving you a full 60 days to try it out for yourself and see what an amazing difference it makes in your and your furbaby's life.  

If you watch the videos and do all the work and are still unsatisfied, you can get 100% refund within 60 days.
Join The Longer Living Dog
Mini-Course Today! 
Just One Payment of $89!
one low payment of
  • Proven Framework to Help Extend Your Dog's Life
  • 5 Health Training Modules
  • Instant Lifetime Access to All Course Content
A note from the course creators…
We’re Dr. Lisa Lippman and Dr. Monica Tarantino and we’re obsessed with helping you create a happier and longer living dog! We’re such crazy dog moms we’ve devoted our lives to it! Dr. Lisa is one of the most followed and socially influential veterinarians in the US. She founded her own house call practice to treat some of the most influential pets, is the medical director of a foster based rescue in NYC and is the Director of Virtual Care for Bond Vet.

Dr. Monica is the medical director of a veterinary hospital in the Charlotte, NC area as well as founder of the Senior Dog Revolution. She has also coauthored a book for new veterinarians and has cofounded Vets on the Rise where she mentors new vets. She is a large advocate for rescuing senior pets.

We designed this mini-course to teach you the quick fundamentals around creating happy lives for your dogs. Because, not only do we want our dogs to have more time with us… but we want it to be quality time. Because, not only do we want your dogs to have more time with you… but we want it to be quality time!  We’re deeply grateful you’ve chosen to join us on this journey of creating longer living dogs!

Dr. Lisa Lippman and Dr. Monica Tarantino
Copyright 2021. Senior Dog Revolution. 
 all rights reserved